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Katalin Lukács began her teaching career as a Teacher's Assistant at the Brevard Music Center in North Carolina in 1999. Since then she has taught music majors and minors at The University of California at San Diego and at Tulane University in New Orleans. During her time at UCSD Katalin also had a private piano studio, where she taught students of all ages, from 5 to 70.


Katalin maintains a private teaching studio in Uptown New Orleans. Her main goal is to provide her students with valuable skills that will help them achieve a fulfilling musical life. 


Katalin is a great great musician and a great music teacher! I have had many piano teachers in my life since I was little, but never had such a wonderful piano teacher who would teach you hand techniques, positions, and most importantly, how to enjoy and feel the music you are playing!

I highly recommend taking lessons with her. She has a vast amount of education and experience in both teaching and performance, so she is able to teach very high-leveled students to improve their techniques and performance skills. You will definitely love her!


Jasmin from UCLA

Kate was my instructor during the first half of my undergrad piano studies at UCSD. Aside from her incredible playing, I was inspired by her honest and approachable teaching style; I walked into each lesson knowing that I would receive sincere feedback and sage advice on how to improve my playing and understanding of the material, as well as my ability to interpret the music in a way that was both authentic to the composer's and my own style. Her relaxed and friendly personality creates a warm and positive learning atmosphere, which is something students of all ages and backgrounds appreciate; combined with her expertise, she makes a great instructor that I would recommend to anyone, from the young beginner to the experienced professional.


Patricia from San Diego

I am really grateful to have been able to study with Kate for the past several months. Her standards are high and she provides specific, constructive feedback on the details of my playing, but she's always been gentle, patient, and encouraging as well. Her technical suggestions are always on the mark and have saved me days of frustration in the practice room. Musically she has encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and become a more extroverted and expressive performer.


I studied the piano for many years in school and college, but I had been away from the instrument for some time when I came to Kate for lessons. Studying with her has given me back confidence in my playing and love for the piano. I can't recommend her strongly enough.


Hani from New Orleans

I was very fortunate to study piano with Katalin Lukács for three years, from age 13 to 16. Kate is one of the rare musicians who goes from practicing the most virtuosic 20th century pieces to teaching a 6-year old, to teaching Beethoven all with equal (and contagious) enthusiasm and skill. 


During my three years of studies with Kate, I came from every weekly lesson inspired, excited to practice and with clear goals to accomplish for the coming lesson and in the coming months. With each lesson I grew as a musician, and Kate's consistently spot-on technical advice and guidance gave me the invaluable foundation of my keyboard technique.


A student can never be too new or too advanced to study with Kate. She has the rare ability to cultivate each student's unique musical potential and to create a customized path to achieve the student's ambitions. I am principally an organist/composer, and Kate was quick to redesign a path to feed and compliment my organ studies. I am currently pursuing a double major in Organ Performance and Composition at USC's Thornton School of Music on full scholarship, and every day the technical foundation and musical approach gleaned from Kate's lessons facilitates and influences my learning.


Thomas from San Diego

I could not have asked for a better piano teacher than Katalin Lukács. I went  into lessons having no formal piano instruction, but having a thorough background in music, patricularly in singing. Katalin worked with my specific background and in a remarkably brief time was able to fill in many of the gaps I had been missing in my eighteen years of music, in relation to piano, and my overall understanding of music. She taught me correct posture, classic warm ups, two high level pieces, and much more. More than anything, piano became the highlight of not only my week, but my life. She inspired me to want to practice and better my skills in a whole new way, and seeing her for lessons was always a joy. She was the perfect balance of friend, mentor, and support system, while still maintaining discipline and high expectations that forced me to perform my best and push myself to be my best. I am looking forward to enjoying lessons with her again next semester and hope to further the progress she has ensued.


Danielle from New Orleans

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